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$ 39.50 $ 129.00

Valentina is a Stunning Sandal and is 100% Hand Made. Like all of our Sandals, is Designed in Our Studios in Manila and Los Angeles, and carefully made is Philippines by Very Experienced Artisans with many years experience in Shoe Making.

Sandal is Nude and White with Stunning Good Looks and High Style. This Sandal is Beautiful for Weddings. Stunning Sandal.

The top of the Sandal's Sole is in Canvas.

The Strap is Black High Grade Synthetic Leather Netting with Clear Hose and Patent Cord with High Grade PVC.

The Wedge is made of Natural Sandalwood and is 4inches High and Covered with Natural Abaca.

Throughout the Wedge. This gives the Sandal A Very High Style In the Profile Shots.

The Sole is Moda Linea. Sole.


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