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$ 169.77 $ 227.00

Marmalade is a uniquely shaped handbag that is completely woven of the Sabutan Fibers. Notice how she tapers in as you go up towards the top. Perfect Proportion.

This Exquisitely Crafted Bag is all handmade by our Master Artisans,
using this incredible indigenous material..She is like Marmalade Toast in color.

She is a medium-size bag with stainless steel feet so you can set it confidently upon concrete floors or at the outdoor café.

Look at the close-up views of the fiber and design, this is not painted on, but each fiber is dyed and dried before it was ever woven.

It has solid wood handles and it feels good to carry her. It feels solid.
To be honest, our bags are the ones that you will hand down to the next generation.

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