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What are the benefits of choosing All Natural Handbags?

Posted: Apr 06 2015

What are the benefits of choosing All Natural Handbags?
There's a great appeal to all natural products when it comes to Fashion Accessories. Sometimes we choose synthetic and plastic products, because the natural products seem too expensive to us. But if you carefully shop around you can find that you can have all natural, leather and woven materials for around the same price as synthetic or plastic. It's healthier for you to breath and it will normally last much longer.

Regardless of what you choose, the product should be a good quality and you need to match your personal flavor and style... With your personality and taste.... 
I have been experimenting using natural Rattan with Braided Genuine Leather to create some very Upmarket and Unique Handbags..  
This combination is incredibly durable and is a real fashion statement today.

Before I got into fashion design, I was an architect and interior designer, and always attracted  to certain textures that not everybody had.
I like the natural products like stone, real timber, glass and metals.
In fashion accessories I'm attracted to Textures that feel good to Touch and look Good to the Eye.. I want to touch them.. My Head Designer, Michelle introduced me to these Materials in Manila.
When I first discovered the many different fibers that were produced in the Philippines from different types of trees and plants, it amazed me, 
There's no limit to the different styles that can be woven by master artisans using these unique materials.
A craft that is thousands of years old it's still employed in hand weaving beautiful handbags and purses, as well as used in manufacturing Women's Wedges and Sandals.
In architecture I eventually was drawn to sustainable development, realizing that some products that we use in building are just causing us to run out of some materials.. And there is a real future now in sustainable building and development.
When it comes to some clothing and handbags, I love that we can have these textures and the incredible designs, and all of the materials we use, will grow back within the same year.
Don't get me wrong, I really love leather, and just common cowhide is one of the best ones that we have, it's strong, beautiful and will last for years. But I prefer to use a vegetarian dye and not some harsh chemicals. in coloring it.
But the combination of these textures, like Rattan and Braided Leather,  result in one of the most beautiful handbags that I believe is available today, as long as the design is good too of course,, 
There are several of us good designers and manufactures creating and producing these upmarket natural creations. My company is not the only one doing it, but we are one of the good ones that enjoy creating the most perfect bags that we can.
The Textures, Feel, Architectural Flair and Uniqueness of these handbags are such a great way that we Adorn Women and treat them like the Queen they are.., 
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